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"Our first month of online calendar events was up and running in minutes. And with so many activities in addition to our Worship Services, now our Church congregation finally knows our schedule." Heather Dickie, Office Manager, Berean Baptist Church.
The Easiest Online Calendar Your Organization Will Ever Use!
Calendar Companion is a web-based service that provides a simple, cost-effective way for you to place your organization's calendar online. You may add Calendar Companion to your existing website or use it as a stand-alone application if you don't have a website.


Hassle-free easy to use programming allows you to upload online calendar events with no training necessary, and repeating events only need to be entered once.

Value priced service is only $4.95/month with no up-front obligation. No software to purchase or download.

Innovative technology that includes automated email reminders, which means your members won't forget about events even when their schedules are hectic, and even sends your members an email if an event is edited for any reason.

Improved communications with your members and within the community by placing your calendar events online.